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Outdoor Path Lighting

In addition to a wide array of decorative outdoor lanterns, post lights and pendants, Sea Gull Lighting offers several landscape solutions, including Outdoor Path Lighting. Outdoor Path Lighting is essential in completing the look of your home, creating soft light that illuminates a path into your house, welcoming visitors to your front door. Not only do path lights make your home more inviting at night, but Outdoor Path Lighting also adds an extra level of safety and security, creating an additional opportunity to light the pathways, allowing guests to enter your home safely without stumbling over a crack or crevice in the side walk. The additional layers of light also increase overall home security. The more outdoor lighting surrounding a home, the less opportunity there is for potential thieves or burglars to discreetly canvas the property or break-in through a dark, shadowy area of your landscape.

When selecting Outdoor Path Lighting, there are several options available to you. One of Sea Gull Lighting’s most popular outdoor path lights is their 120 volt, die cast, incandescent outdoor path light, item #9226. Available in black or emerald green with clear glass, this path light provides an easy Outdoor Path Lighting solution as a transformer is not necessary to convert the electrical power to 12 volt. Instead, the 120 volt path light connects directly to the main power source within the home; the same wires that are run inside the home to provide electricity are also used to supply the power to these landscape lights. With a powder coat finish, Sea Gull Lighting Outdoor Path Lighting will withstand the elements that most plastic, lesser quality path lights cannot withstand. With the 9226 path light, you are certain to achieve the benefits of Outdoor Path Lighting – safety, security and an improved outdoor aesthetic - without compromising quality or investing signifcantly in a sophisticated outdoor landcape plan.

An alternative to the 120 volt outdoor path light is a 12 volt Ambiance Single Light Path Fixture, item #92059. Available in a black finish with Xenon wedge base bulbs, this path light can tie into a complete Ambiance outdoor, low voltage lighting system. A 12 volt landscape system, such as Ambiance, is the most energy efficient efficient option and provides a greater degree of flexibility than a 120 volt system. Ambiance low voltage outdoor landcape lighting may be installed without insulated conduit or junction boxes. In addition, the actual landcape fixtures may be moved without disrupting flowers, shrubbery or ground cover.

To create a low voltage Outdoor Path Lighting system, a transformer is required. In order to identify the type of transformer you need, first determine the length of the run for the Outdoor Path Lighting. If you plan to run the path lights 20’ or less, than a 12 volt transformer would be sufficient. If your Outdoor Path Lighting will be greater than 20’ in length and less than 40’ in length, than a 24 volt transformer is needed. Once the length of the run is determined, then calculate the number of fixtures, factoring in the wattage for each fixture, you plan to have on the run to determine the total wattage the transformer must support. Sea Gull Lighting’s magnetic transformers are available in 150 watt, 250 watt, 300 watt, 500 watt, 600 watt and 1000 watt options.

Not only do the Sea Gull Lighting transformers support the Ambiance Outdoor Path Lighting, but Sea Gull Lighting’s transformers can also support well lights to accentuate trees and large bushes, deck step lights to provide added safety for climbing stairs at night, accent lights to focus on the texture of outdoor brick, stone or stucco, and spot lights to provide specific focus on a front door or special holiday wreath. These components may be coupled with the Ambiance outdoor path lights to create a full outdoor landcape lighting solution.

Checkout our large selection of Sea Gull Outdoor Path Lighting with wattages ranging from 18, 20, 35, and 75

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