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Sea Gull Bathroom Lighting

Whether you are looking for a bathroom light for your master bathroom, powder room, children’s bath or guest bath, Sea Gull Lighting continues to be the leader in innovative lighting options for any bath or décor. Sea Gull Bathroom Lighting includes damp rated recessed lighting to install over a shower or soaking tub, flush mount and semi-flush mount ceiling fixtures for general lighting and, of course, vanity fixtures in popular two light to four light configurations, as well as five light to eight light bath bars to illuminate the longest of bathroom mirrors.

When selecting a Sea Gull bath light, especially for the vanity area, consider which finish option best complements your bathroom faucet and sink. Following today’s plumbing trends of polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel and brushed bronze, Sea Gull bath lights are available in finishes to match these popular plumbing finishes. Most Sea Gull bath lights are available in polished chrome as chrome continues to be most common faucet finish. If your chrome bathroom faucet is more traditional, the Darien and the Finitude collections are two perfect solutions to complement any traditional bath. For a more transitional look, consider the art deco lines of the Melody collection. This top selling bath collection is available in both a polished chrome and brushed nickel finish. If your chrome bathroom faucet is more sleek in appearance, the clean lines of the Bliss, Oslo or Solana collections. If your bathroom includes more warm tones and bronze faucets, the Albany, Winnetka and Roslyn collections are available in various shades of bronze to match any faucet finish. If a black or iron finish suits your needs, the new Uptown and Plymouth bath bars are two very different styles, but both are available in a weathered iron finish. These collections are just a sampling of the many unique styles of lights in the Sea Gull Bathroom Lighting assortment.

Once your vanity selection is made, consider how you plan to light the rest of your bathroom space. How tall are your ceilings? If your ceiling is a standard 8’ height, consider a flush mount ceiling fixture to provide additional general lighting to your bath. If your ceilings are taller than 8’, a semi-flush fixture or even a pendant may be the perfect solution to create an additional level of light. Another consideration is how much light you want to omit from your ceiling mount fixture. Available in one light, two light and three light options, Sea Gull Bathroom Lighting includes both the flush mount fixtures and semi-flush pendants that are available in coordinating finishes to match your vanity fixture and faucet finishes. Some vanity fixtures even have flush mounts that are included in the same product family to ensure you have an exact match in finish, glass and style.

If you prefer a low profile ceiling lighting solution or one that can be installed directly over a shower, bath or sauna, an alternative to a more traditional ceiling mount fixture is a recessed light. Sea Gull Bathroom Lighting solutions include several recessed fixture options to complete the look of your bathroom. When selecting a recessed light, you need to purchase to components to create the recessed fixture. First, you must determine which type of housing your home construction requires. Is this a new construction or remodel? Does your local code require an air-tight recessed housing? Will you have insulation surrounding the recessed housing or does the plenum have insulation that does not come in contact with the recessed can? How large of an aperture do you want - 4”, 5” or 6”? A 6” recessed opening is the most common whereas a 5” opening is considered more to be design driven. The answers to these four important questions will determine which type of recessed housing best meets your needs. Once the recessed housing is selected, you must select a trim to finish out the recessed fixture. Recessed trims are available in a variety of finishes and patterns. Regardless of which finish and style you select, make sure your trim is an air-tight trim if you’ve selected an air-tight housing, and be sure it’s the correct diameter to properly insert into your recessed housing.

Once you’ve selected your vanity fixture, ceiling mount pendant or flush mount and any recessed lighting fixtures, you will have completed the look of your bathroom with Sea Gull Bathroom Lighting!

Check out our large selection of Sea Gull Bathroom Lighting products including: vanity lighting, wall sconces, and ceiling fixtures.

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